*H05-TRU500 Colloidal Silver 500ml

*H05-TRU500 Colloidal Silver 500ml

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A natural antiseptic and disinfectant; anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal properties. Contains broad-spectrum antimicrobial ionized silver particles in steam distilled water.
Colloidal silver is taken orally or can be applied directly to the skin for:
• Acne
• Burns
• Eye infections
• Fungal infections 
• Throat infections
• Skin infections and Staphylococcus infections
• Natural remedial care for all skin types & conditions.
• Inflammation due to infection of bladder, colon, prostate, stomach, appendix, sinuses

May also help Hay fever, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Lupus, Leukaemia

Natural remedial care for all skin types & conditions.

Colloidal silver is used to treat infections due to yeast, bacteria, parasites and viruses. 

Colloidal silver is also used for lung conditions including emphysema and bronchitis; skin conditions including rosacea, cradle cap (atopic dermatitis), eczema, impetigo, and psoriasis; and inflammation (sometimes due to infection) of the bladder (cystitis), prostate (prostatitis), colon (colitis), nose (rhinitis), stomach (gastritis), tonsils (tonsillitis), appendix (appendicitis), and sinuses (sinusitis).

Other problems it may help include treatment of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, leukaemia, hay fever and other allergies, trench foot, and gum disease.

Colloidal silver is also used to prevent flu, H1N1 (swine) flu, and the common cold.

Some women take colloidal silver during pregnancy to aid the baby's growth and health as well as the mother's delivery and recovery.

Supplier info: We use a state of the art electrolytic process and 100% pure steam distilled water to produce extremely small and evenly distributed ionized silver particles.
A relatively high silver concentration of 25 parts per million (ppm) creates a very powerful silver effect: Silver is known to kill over 99% of all known pathogenic germs on contact.
This standardized colloidal silver has a proven track record: Regular batch testing since 2005 guarantees its safety and efficacy. 3 year shelf life.

How does it work?
Colloidal silver can kill certain germs by binding to and destroying proteins.

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